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The client

SeamlessUK is a one-stop citizen's portal which integrates local and national information on health, education, employment, rights, benefits, government and more. It is funded under the NOF (New Opportunities Fund) Digitisation Programme in the UK.

The project involves nine local authorities and 14 key national information providers working together.

The managing partner is Essex County Council, and partners include: Bexley, Brighton and Hove, Lewisham and Medway Councils, Age Concern, BBC, HMSO, Learndirect and National Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaux (NACAB).

The project

Imetrix has been the sole provider of user testing services to SeamlessUK for over two years. During that period we have delivered several separate evaluations of the user interface concerning usability and accessibility as the development cycle has progressed.

Most of the user testing has taken place on the premises of partner local authorities, keen to test the reactions and experiences of actual local citizens on location in libraries, community centres and council offices.

Test participants were set tasks to perform such as finding particular items of content and satisfaction questionnaires were used to gather feedback.

After each round of user testing, Imetrix consultants prepared detailed reports covering all of the important findings as well as recommendations for changes.

Reports were backed up with video evidence from the tests, which were all recorded using picture-in-picture editing to allow simultaneous footage of computer activity with the facial and verbal responses.

Presentations to the client's management and design team followed, which served as a Q&A on issues of best practice.

The feedback

"Many thanks for the research and the reports. It makes for very interesting reading and I personally feel you could not have made youselves clearer on what needs to be done."
- Senior Project Officer, SeamlessUK

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