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Thurrock Council

The client

Thurrock Council covers an area of 165 sq km in the south-east of England and has a local population of around 145,000, which includes a broad social and ethnic mix.

The website of the council has become an important source for people seeking information on a range of issues from education, taxation to news and entertainment. It receives around 61,204 individual visitors per month.

The project

The council's e-Government team were acutely aware of the need to ensure that the website was complying with best practice on usability and especially accessibility for people with disabilities. This was recognised as both an ethical and a legal responsibility (under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995).

Imetrix conducted an in-depth evaluation of the website to assess the experience of visually impaired people who use screen reader (text to audio) software and inolved several disabled users in the process.

Imetrix also conducted a rigorous examination of the website's content features and source code to highlight where it was not complying with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

A detailed report was presented to the client which included a checklist for actionable points that would result in greatly enhanced accessibility.

The website is now fully compliant with all requirements and carries the RNIB's See it Right award.

The feedback

"I am pleased with the results and validity of the findings. We shall be addressing the issues raised by the degree of relevance suggested. Thank you for your good services."
- Principal Business Analyst, e-Government Services, Thurrock Council

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