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Imetrix will apply existing insight gained from hundreds of user experience research projects to meet your precise goals.

Our consultants have successfully helped clients address a range of user experience challenges:

Online retailing
Creating shopping baskets and product information pages that match the users' need for fast product information recovery, price comparisons and checking out.

Community portals
Achieving the balance between the need to communicate the range of available content without creating a messy, overcrowded interface.

Online recruitment
Creating search-based recruitment services that meet online job hunters' highly task-focused approach. Understanding which options to present at which level of searching to keep the experience fast and efficient. See client

Search engines
Knowing when and how to create original and differentiated internal search tools and results pages, while satisfying the users’ expectations for Google-style simplicity. See client SeamlessUK

Charities and e-Government
Communicating accessibility, usability and inclusivity while considering important design and branding considerations that every large organisation must address.

Mobile phone interfaces
Creating menu structures and service pages that are optimised to be used on small screens.

Contact us to find out what knowledge we have of your sector and to see what we can do to help you deliver an excellent customer experience.

UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

"Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the report, and please thank the consultant for such a comprehensive piece of work. ... the user-testing feedback is very interesting. I am very pleased with the report."

Web Portal Manager, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation



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