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User Testing
Discover if there are usability problems with your interactive services by testing with target user groups. Use the findings to develop design solutions for more user-friendly and effective services.

Consultant's Evaluation
Receive an independent expert's recommendations for improving the usability of your Web, WAP, iTV or software designs. The ideal solution when feedback is needed quickly and cost-effectively.

Usability Strategy
Develop a formal usability strategy so you can gain the most value from future development projects.
An important step for any large organisation with busy design cycles and a commitment to usability.


Accessibility Audit
Discover how well your website meets the criteria of the W3C's accessibility guidelines. Learn what action is needed to comply with the UK Disability Discrimination Act.

User Testing for Accessibility
Demonstrate a genuine commitment to making your website accessible by testing with users who have disabilities. An essential activity for any organisation aiming to take accessibility seriously.

UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

"Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the report, and please thank the consultant for such a comprehensive piece of work. ... the user-testing feedback is very interesting. I am very pleased with the report."

Web Portal Manager, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation


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