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Accessibility Audit

Every organisation with a public profile should be addressing the needs of users with disabilites.

As well as being good for business, a pro-active approach to accessibility issues will help you to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and avoid negative publicity.

An Accessibility Audit is a very useful exercise for organisations that want to find out how well they are currently doing in relation to the W3C's benchmark standards.

You will also discover what action you need to take in order to address any problems found.

The methodology is based upon the official W3C recommended evaluation procedure and is therefore the most reliable way to ensure you can achieve legal compliance.

For more information request a factsheet about Accessibility Services which contains details about the methodology and deliverables.

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User Testing for Accessibility

Recent guidance from the Disability Rights Commission states that user testing is an important part of the accessibility compliance process.

In order to prove you are serious about accessibility, you will need to conduct testing with a group of users with disabilities and consider their feedback when planning design changes.

The process is made challenging by the sheer range and extent of disabilites that exist, and the large number of access technologies on the market.

Imetrix will help you to get the balance right and deliver a user testing project that works for your audience, achieves your accessibility goals and remains cost-effective.

The key deliverables will be actionable recommendations and an accessibility statement for your website that demonstrates your commitment to inclusive design and respect for the law.

For more information request a factsheet about Accessibility Services which contains details about the methodology, test environments, technologies employed and deliverables.

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Testing Facilities

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