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User Testing

How easy is your navigation to operate? Are users able to find what they are looking for? Is the search engine producing the right results?

These are just some of the questions that user testing will answer for you.

We will profile your target audience and recruit a sample user group so you can watch them attempting key activities online.

Any difficulties they encounter will be logged, recorded and analysed by an experienced usability consultant who will provide a detailed report with design recommendations.

Armed with this powerful research your design teams will be able to move forward and create a more successful user experience.

For more information request a factsheet about Usability Services, which contains details of methodology, the participant recruitment process, the usability labs where testing takes place, the reporting format and methods.

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Consultant's Evaluation

A consultant's evaluation is a perfect solution when deadlines are tight and your developers need feeback quickly.

Imetrix consultants have conducted hundreds of tests with users which makes them well placed to give independent advice on usability issues.

The feedback is fast, cost-effective and can include a competitor analysis so you get the complete picture.

A report will be prepared highlighting areas of strength and weakness, measuring findings on a priority scale and you will have a clear idea of the direction to move in to create an optimised user experience.

For more information request a factsheet about Usability Services, which contains biographies of consultants, case studies and sample usability guidelines.

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Usability Strategy

Organisations that are doing regular development of new interactive services need to understand when and how to build user-centred design techniques into the process.

By developing a formal usabilty strategy you can provide designers and development teams with clear guidance on how to make sure the users' needs are being considered at all times.

Once implemented, you will gain far more from future usability projects and save costs by only testing when needed - and getting it right the first time around.

For more information request a factsheet about Usability Services, to read a detailed breakdown of the process and more information on deliverables.

Testing Facilities

Test in progress
The user testing room

View from the observation room
The observation suite

Picture in picture recording
Picture-in-picture video

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